Bevlyn Consulting, founded by Beverly Jedynak, provides investor relations, media relations and public relations consulting services.

Each client's need is unique, therefore each program reflects the specific client's situation. Because of a proven track record across a wide spectrum of industries, there is no long ramp-up time required before starting a productive relationship. Bevlyn Consulting can immediately implement an agreed upon program to bring about tangible results in a very short timeframe.

More importantly, Bev recognizes that microcap and small cap companies prefer to put resources back into their businesses to grow and achieve success - which in turn should be reflected in each company's valuation. Bevlyn Consulting services are reasonable and negotiable, based on what is required to achieve each client's goals.

Bev's career spans decades - she progressed from switchboard operator to president at one of Chicago's oldest public relations firms, Martin E. Janis & Company, Inc. Consistently she achieved media placements for clients - for products, companies and individuals -- on a local and national basis in business, consumer and trade publications as well as broadcast media. Among her personal highlights are:

Jovan, Inc.  - years of introducing Jovan's fragrances and beauty products to national media in New York - including a series of intimate group luncheons at the home of designer Oleg Cassini when Jovan made news with the introduction of the first designer fragrance for the masses;

Frank Abagnale's appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - Abagnale was a spokesperson for client Telecheck Services, and Bev's placement of Frank on the Tonight Show (in the late 1970's) was the seed from which the book, movie and play "To Catch a Thief" sprouted.

The Super Bowl Shuffle - this phenomenon of the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl team was the brainchild of former Jovan president Dick Meyer, owner of Red Label Records, who called upon Bev to once again provide media relations expertise.

The Race of the Century - representing Hawthorne Race Course in the early 1990's, Bev's creativity resulted in development of a computer-generated race of the greatest thoroughbreds of the past 100 years (at the time) competing against each other to determine who was the greatest race horse of the century - winner was Secretariat -- and of course Hawthorne Race Course due to the resulting publicity. - in the early 2000's, this website used the metric of Operational Cash Flow Per Share (OPS) to a "predict" a company's stock performance based on this information, which was readily available in public filings, but was not as popular as EPS. Michael Markowski, the developer of this idea and website, became the focus of stories and appearances Bev placed that ran in every major business publication during this time as he "called" several companies' problems before they were evident in the more traditional EPS metric. His call on Sears problems at the time was right on target.

In the mid 1990's Bev added financial/investor relations expertise to her skillset, representing a number of publicly-held companies from industries that included food and beverage; healthcare, biotech, specialty pharma and cosmetics; technology companies; business services; and natural resources. The commonality among each client was a need to expand the investor base - both institutional and retail - with introductions to potential new investors and constant follow-up with existing investors. Because these clients are publicly-traded entities, highlights for these clients are not published on this website - however Bev is happy to share specific case histories on an individual basis.

She attended Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, as a music major and is an organist and pianist.